22 November 2012

Tine Dyrkorn: Introspection

by heartbeat

«Having lost more than 50 kilos in 18 months, has given me a lot of excess skin. This project has been a self-examination, and it has been an important part of my process towards becoming "a new body" and to experience a self-realization, both physically and mentally. My personal goal is to show that even if your body (or skin in this matter) may not be that beautiful, you as a person can be beautiful anyway. And you can even make beautiful pictures of something that may offend others.»

Tine Dyrkorn (born 1976 in Norway) lives in Oslo, Norway and is a second year student at the Nordic Institute for Stage and Studio (NISS) studying Visual Art.

You can see her work exhibited at Cyan:Studio in Oslo this weekend.


  1. Anonymous25/11/12

    Thy courage is beautiful beyond compare.

  2. Diana Lucas Leavengood23/3/13

    I cannot believe the courage and fortitude it must have taken to a)create these photographs in the first place and b)display them publicly. I look forward to seeing more of Tine Dyrkorn's work in the future