26 March 2014

Just a small piece of nature at the centre of their universe

by Marie Sjøvold

This week and weekend is the last chance to see my exhibition "Just a small piece of nature at the centre of their universe" at Trafo Kunsthall in Asker, Norway. I will be present, this last Sunday the 30th of March from 12.00-16.00, to answer questions for those who have one. The exhibition contains of 5 new photos in big format, an installation and is the last part for my trilogy on motherhood. I have made a catalog for this occasion in limited edition. It is possible to buy it at Trafo Kunsthall for 100 NOK. If you don´t have the possibility to go there, you can order it from me: info@mariesjovold.no.

19 February 2014

Beyond Realism

by Marie Sjøvold
©Rikke Benborg, Oh, Sweet Darkness, filmstill, 2013

©Isabelle Wenzel, Kiste #1, 2009

©Ebbe Stub Wittrup, Colored Ceiling (André Breton’s Room, automatique writing 1919), installation, 2011-2013

©Asger Carlsen, Untitled, fra serien Hester, 2011

©Sophia Kalkau, Tableau, 1999

©Marie Sjøvold, Midnight Milk #10, 2012


An exhibition at Fotografisk Center in Copenhagen about post-real tendencies in photography.

24.01 - 23.03 2014

I am a part of the exhibition Beyond Realism, together with the great artists Rikke Benborg (DK), Asger Carlsen (DK), Sophia Kalkau (GB), Isabelle Wenzel (DE) and Ebbe Stub Wittrup (GB).

The exhibition is curated by Kristine Kern and Laura Ifversen. The starting point for the thematic group exhibition Beyond Realism is to trace surreal tendencies in contemporary photography. The exhibition seeks to portray the unreal and the sensuous in contemporary art practice. It includes works that both contain a surrealistic theme and conceptually refer to the phenomenon of surrealism in a historical context.

Beyond Realism shows six very different artists working with their version of the surreal though common to them all is an exploration of the post-real. 

Read more about the exhibition here in the catalog.

I want to give a big thank to The Norwegian Embassy in Copenhagen for supporting the exhibition.

17 September 2013

A longer leave for Polish mothers

by heartbeat

Since June 2013 mothers in Poland have the right to a longer maternity leave, equivalent to double the six months previously allowed. All parents of children born after December 31. 2012 are entitled to 26 weeks of leave – regardless of the number of children at birth – plus an additional maternity leave which enables the parents to take care of a newborn child for up to 52 weeks. The parental leave is available equally to both the mother and father.
Last June, just after the extended leave became law, I went to Anny Mazowieckiej Hospital in Warsaw. There I met several mothers and asked them if they were satisfied with the new law. Most of them, although happy to have more time to spend with the baby, complained about weak financial support from the government. "The maternity benefit - 'becikowe' in Polish – is very low" expressed Urszula, mother of 6 children. "And the presence of architectural barriers make it difficult to go around with a pram or use public transport" young mother Katarzyna added. Furthermore, equality between men's and women's salaries has yet to be reached.

Isabella De Maddalena
(b.1978) was born in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy. In 2002 she graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Art in Milan, with a focus in Painting. In 2010 she completed a Masters in Visual Storytelling at the Danish School ofPhotojournalism in Aarhus, Denmark.
From 2001 to 2006, Isabella worked atvarious photographic studios in Milan and London. In 2007 she worked as an assistant for Stefano De Luigi.
Isabella’s work focuses on long-term projects, with special attention on the status of women in contemporary society. Her main work so far is a project about motherhood throughout the world with the aim of documenting the various conditions of being a mother in different countries.
Her pictures have been published in various magazines, among them: Marie Claire France, Women's Wear Daily, ‘IL’- Intelligence in Lifestyle, Cosmopolitan Germany, Rolling Stone Italy and Allure Russia.

Isabella is represented by Luz photo Agency (Italy) and Anzenberger Agency (Austria).

05 September 2013

Last weeks of the European Identities exhibition in Oslo

by Marie Sjøvold

Photo: Johannes Granseth / Nobels Fredssenter
 In 2011 a wonderful journey started when I received the European Photo Exhibition Award#1 (EPEA) together with eleven other European photographers. We were all given a grant and in a period of six months we were all to produce a photoessay on the theme European Identities. The work would be shown at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Germany, at the Lumina Photo Festival in Lucca, Italy, Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian, Paris, France and lastly in Oslo, Norway at the Nobel Peace Center.

Now, two years later it is a bit sad that the European Identities exhibition tour and the EPEA#1 journey is coming to an end, but I am grateful that many beautiful friendships with my EPEA colleges will remain. And it is amazing to know that the exhibition has attracted a total of more than 130 000 visitors in Hamburg, Paris, Lucca and Oslo. The exhibition is still open at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo until the 15th of September 2013. On the 13th of September Monica Larsen and myself will give a guided tour of our work at 19.30 and 20.30. Free entrance! I hope to see you there. 

21 August 2013

A little Life Saver

by Andrea Gjestvang

I met Lise (19) and her baby daughter Andrea (3 months old) on an assignment for the French youth magazine NEON. Lise is one of more than 500 youths who survived the massacre on Utøya 22nd of July 2011. Her story is not unique. Yet, it is. Her best friend, Syvert, was killed. The weeks, months, years after Lise struggled; she dropped out of school, was depressed. She mourned, she missed. An overdose of alcohol and pills could have ended it all. But she survived, again, and so did Andrea who was a little embryo in Lise's belly. Without her, I wouldn't be alive now, Lise said.

27 May 2013

Photo festival Dok13

by Andrea Gjestvang
Photo: Lauren Greenfield©
Photo: Bieke Depoorter©
Photo: Per-Anders Pettersson©

Photo: Jen Davis©

Photo: Zed Nelson©
Every year the Norwegian Association of Photojournalists (PK) organizes a photo festival in Oslo. This year the festival has moved out of town, to Fredrikstad, about one hour southeast of the capital. Both well-established and emerging photographers are visiting to present their work: One of the very first photo books I got, was Lauren Greenfield's "Girl Culture". Her photographs and topics fascinated and inspired me as a young photographer, who was also working on issues related to body image and identity. Which leads me to Zed Nelson, who is also coming to the festival. In his beautiful - and frightening - book "Love Me" he explores peoples obsession with beauty all over the world.
Bieke Depoorter, who was one of the first photographers to be feature on Heartbeat, is the youngest member of Magnum Photos. I am curious to see her new work, and to hear how becoming a Magnum photographer has influenced her photography and career. Per-Anders Pettersson is a good friend and a highly dedicated and productive photographer based in South-Africa. He will soon release his first book "Rainbow Transit" together with Dewi Lewis Publishing, a book I can't wait to have in my hands.

Jen Davis' intimate self-portraits tell about a photographer who used the camera to gain access, but who according to an interview on Operah, realized that her photos reflected her own sens of isolation. So over time she began to focus on capturing the loneliness in others. "It was like I was taking self-portraits," she says, "except I wasn't in them." So began a decade long project, during which Davis shot hundreds of images of her body. "A lot of artists use self-portraits to transform into other identities. But my intention was to understand myself better. To articulate myself through the lens."

As a part of the
Norwegian Journal of Photography presentation, Marie Sjøvold will present her project "At night everyone is alone".

Photo festival Dok13 taking place in Fredrikstad, Norway, May 30. - June 1.

Please read here for full list of photographers and day to day program.

03 April 2013

Book launch Norwegian Journal of Photography

by heartbeat

“As photographers and bookmakers, we firmly believe that the best way to deepen and expand a photographer’s vision is to give him or her the time and support to work on a long-term project that he or she is passionate about – and this is exactly what the NJP has provided each photographer. For the past two years – and in some instances longer – these talented and committed Norwegian men and women have been photographing their country, bringing to each project curiosity, intelligence, and passion—as well as a unique eye.”

– Look north more often: Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris Webb (from the foreword).

Welcome to the book launch of  Norwegian Journal of Photography (NJP), Friday 5th of April, 6pm at Fritt Ord. Over the past two years
NJP and the Fritt Ord Foundation have brought together and encouraged ten Norwegian photographers who have been working on their own individual projects over time. The goal is to cultivate a photographic community and create an inspiring forum that will enable Norwegian photographers to show their works internationally while continuing to produce relevant and exciting visual stories.

Please visit New York Times Lens Blog to see a presentation of the book and read about some of the projects.