14 December 2014

Maria Gossé: Vi driver hor!

by heartbeat

As a documentarist I am always interested in exploring what it means to be human, and especially what it means to be a woman. «Vi driver hor!» is a project about the two norwegian rappers Mira and Ragna of the band KUUK (Norwegian word for dick). Their lyrics and the way they act on stage challenge the way we expect women to behave. They are neither trying to be cute, nor are they afraid of taking up space. As pioneers they are among the first women who challenge the norms and stereotypes of the male-dominated Norwegian hiphop scene. They also challenge the way western society portrays women as passive sexual objects. With this in mind, I have followed them over two months, at secret festivals, during studio sessions, when rehearsing with their band and making new music. I am trying to explore sexuality and identity, but also strength and vulnerability. The project was exhibited at the National Museum of Popular Music in Norway, November 2014, and will culminate into a book. The project is still ongoing. 

Maria Gossé (b.1983) is a Norwegian photographer currently living and studying in Copenhagen. Her work is documentary-based and her projects mainly focuses on women's role in society, norms, relationships and psychology. She studied photography at Bilder Nordic School of Photography and Fatamorgana in Copenhagen. Maria has a Bachelor's degree in psychology and visual culture, and has worked for various norwegian newspapers. 

01 December 2014

Looking for new colleagues

by Andrea Gjestvang

In my studio/working space in Berlin Kreuzberg there are currently two desks available for photographers, writers, picture editors and other professionals working with photography/design/journalism. German photographer Lia Darjes is already part of the studio. The space is bright and charming with the possibility to set up small studio shootings. The atmosphere is collegial and we often discuss and share our work. Monthly rent is 160 euro. One desk is available now and the other from January 1st. Please send an email if you are interested!

13 November 2014

Presenting new work during Photocamp

by Heartbeat
Editing new images from the Faroe Islands, ongoing project by Andrea Gjestvang.

Marie Sjøvold and Andrea Gjestvang are giving presentations during Photocamp 13. - 16.11.14. in Oslo, organized by Interfoto. Marie is talking about her work «Midnight Milk», and showing new images from the series. She will also present other projects, like «Dust Catches Light», and talk about her photographic process and the making of photo books. 

Andrea will present her ongoing project about life in the periphery, in the northernmost region of the world, including Greenland, Finnmark and Faroe Islands. She is also giving a sneak peek of her current project on the Faroe Islands. Andrea will talk about how she works to get close to the people she photographs and the process of realizing a project, from idea to magazine publication. 

During Photocamp there is also a chance to meet Jacob Aue Sobol, Paal Audestad, Bjørn Opsahl and Bård Løken. See the whole program here

Andrea Gjestvang: Thursday 13.11. 7 pm 
Marie Sjøvold: Sunday 16.11. 12 am 

 Interfoto Skøyen, Drammensveien 130

09 November 2014

Fractal State of Being by Sara Skorgan Teigen

by Heartbeat

This is the first post in a series of book recommendations by Heartbeat, and we start with the new book from Sara Skorgan Teigen - Fractal State of Being (Journal, 2014).

These are Sara's own words about the book: 
The sketchbook has always been used as a tool to learn from nature, mine is a physical form of my thoughts, my aquifer of ideas and meditations of the world as I experience and learn from it. It is where my psychological truth takes form and manifests. To study patterns in nature and draw them small and concentrated gives me time to meditate on the forms, shapes and expressions they give. Abstract forms are fascinating because they are not familiar to us and therefore when presented or seen -we have to accept them.

In this project I investigate emotions which do not have a physical shape. I use familiar and unfamiliar forms and patterns in nature; micro cosmos, water, skin and hair are used to investigate their physical and psychological expressions. Printing and drawing on and with my own body gives me the experience of edges between the objective and the mental world. By experimenting with my own emotions I perform for, collect, edit and re-edit my sketchbook.

Sara Skorgan Teigen (1984) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She studied at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen (2008/09) and ICP, International Center of Photography, New York, General Studies (2011/12). She has exhibited internationally in galleries in USA, France, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. 
Participations in group exhibitions include Tabula Rasa (Anouk Kruithof, Sara Skorgan Teigen & Sonia Thomsen), CPW, The Center of Photography Woodstock, New York (2014), Marseille vu par 100 photographer´s du monde, Bibliothèque dèpartementale des Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille (2013), Nordic Dummy Award / Various side of photography, Fotogalleriet, Oslo (2012), My truth, Your truth, The Rita K- Hillman Gallery, New York (2012). Rewind Forward, Copenhagen Photo Festival 2011, Copenhagen (2011). 

26 September 2014

Exhibition in Malmö

by Andrea Gjestvang

Marcio Souza and Rasmus Vasli, the gallery owners

In August, I was invited to exhibit at photo gallery Galleri Vasli Souza in Malmö, Sweden. The gallery space is divided in two sections, and I decided to show both «Everybody Knows This is Nowhere» and «One Day in History». I have long wanted to exhibit these two projects together. Both present Norwegian youth and their world, yet in two different ends of the scale. While the youth in Finnmark were longing away from their quiet life, many of the young people who survived on Utøya 22nd of July were longing for the life they once had. The exhibition also included a sound work where visitors could sit down and listen to the stories of the young survivors. Galleri Vasli Souza has alternating exhibitions showing international contemporary photography. Located in the city center of Malmö, the gallery is well worth a visit.  

10 September 2014

Interview with Marie in daily newspaper Aftenposten

by Andrea Gjestvang

The Norwegian daily newspaper Aftenposten published a very nice interview with Marie, where she tells about her photography work and how she explores her own life, her family and immediate surroundings in her artwork. 

The interview can be read here (NB only in Norwegian).

05 September 2014

A new world

by Andrea Gjestvang

It has taken me a while to move on from my last project «One Day in History». I completed the book exactly two years ago. The project has been a big part of my personal and professional life for a very long time, it still is. Exhibitions, presentations, research interviews, artist talks, magazine requests etc. I am truly grateful for the interest and care people have shown in the stories of the youths, and I have felt the responsibility to share them as long as the interest exists, as well as sharing my acknowledge and experience on the topic. 

Now it is time to look ahead, move on, start a new project. It's challenging. The seriousness and commitment I felt when working on «One Day in » is something I constantly strive for as a photographer – knowing that your work really matters, to be able to impact other peoples lives, to be fully devoted to a project day and night. How can I ever do anything close to that again? I recently attended an artist talk with Nan Golding at Landskrona Photo festival in Sweden. She kept saying that if photography/art is not something you do because you have to, you should do something else. Now, sitting on a plane soon looking down on the Faroe Islands, - an entire new and unknown world to me, I am filled with excitement and curiosity to see if this feeling will awake again.